Southeast Asia Fiction

Tash Aw, The Harmony Silk Factory, 2005

*Anthony Burgess, The Malayan Trilogy:
–– Time for a Tiger, 1956
–– The Enemy in the Blanket, 1957
–– Beds in the East, 1959

J.G. Farrell, The Singapore Grip, 1978

Shamini Flint, A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder (Inspector Singh Investigates #1), 2009

W. Somerset Maugham, Maugham’s Malaysian Stories, 1975

Rozlan Mohamed Noor, Duke: Inspector Mislan and the DUKExpressway Murders, 2011

*Twan Eng Tan, The Gift of Rain, 2007
*–– The Garden of Evening Mists , 2011

* = especially memorable and recommendable

See my review of The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng


Sketches of Travel in the East